Lock pick Peugeot 406(NE78)

Lock pick Peugeot 406(NE78)

Unlock Tool SAAB Old(ES-YM30)

Unlock Tool SAAB Old(ES-YM30)
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Unlock Tool SAAB Old(ES-YM30)
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Using instruction:

1.Put expander(No.35) into the door key hole until the bottom part;
2.Put picker(No.36) into expander(No.35)to test the expander direction. Press picker(No.36)to test the forefront and aftermost 2-3 holes and see whether there is any elasticity in billiards. If not, it means the direction is wrong and please change the direction;
3.Turn the expander(No.35) anticlockwise slightly;
4.Put the front part of picker(No.36) into expander(No.35) at 1-8 holes and press;
5.The transponder will turn 90 degree and that means it is unlocked.

In case it is difficult to unlock at clockwise direction and easy to unlock anticlockwise, users should follow the easy direction and then unlock by reversal.


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