BDM1+BDM2+BDM3 Adapters

BDM1+BDM2+BDM3 Adapters

J-Link JLINK V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator

J-Link JLINK V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator

2014 MINI DSG Reader (DQ200+DQ250) For VW/AUDI Gearbox rewrite

2014 MINI DSG reader(DQ200+DQ250) is dedicated to read and write VW / AUDI latest dual-clutch DSG gearbox data and it is currently the empty non-original equipment.
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2014 MINI DSG reader(DQ200+DQ250) for VW/AUDI


Top 5 Reasons To Get DSG Reader:

1. Supported Language: English Only
2. It is used for AUDI and for VW new cars
3. Operating System Requirement: WIN XP System

4. After you install the software, you need to send us the ID for activation. otherwise, it will tell " License Expired"
5. MINI DSG Reader Installation Manual

2014 MINI DSG reader is used for AUDI and VW new car.

Usually the tool for reading/writing new VW/AUDI gearbox data is few and very expensive, now the low cost tool is coming. You don't need remove ecu from car, only connect some plug to the DSG ECU and then you can read/write and save dump to bin flie.


Newly Added Vehicle Coverage List:
for AUDI Q7 for BOSCH GS19 11  1MB

for AUDI RS6 for BOSCH GS19  2MB

for AUDI S4 for BOSCH GS19 04 1MB

for Daewoo Lacetti  Denso v2
for Lotus Europa S  Delco GMPT
for Opel Astra G  for Motorola GMPT E15

for Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v1]
for Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v2]
for Opel Astra J  Delco 5[v4]
for Opel Insignia  Delco 5[V2]
for Opel Insignia  Delco 5[V3]
for Opel Speadster for Motorola GMPT E15

for Opel Zafira B  Delco TP
for Vauxhall Astra G  Motorola GMPT E15
for Vauxhall Astra J Denso v1
for Vauxhall Insignia Denso
for Vauxhall Zafira 
for Motorola GMPT E15

2014 MINI DSG reader(DQ200+DQ250) Connection:

The cable


For DQ200

For DQ200

For DQ250

For DQ250


Q: yeah i just got one, it does not work. I get license expired error when attempting to load the software

A: hi, sir. it is normal. please check the installation manual and the vedio for reference to fix this problem. After that, you need to send us one ID for activation. Finally, there will be no problem 

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