T300 main unit V14.02

T300 main unit V14.02

SKC For Benz Key Caculator_MB Dump Key Generator from EIS Super SKC Calculator

Now you can generate up to 8 keys by yourself.MB key generator from EIS dump only without removing any part even for MB cars with 7 years,all you have to do is to read the EIS dump generate keys and start the car.
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Super STAR key calculation tool, the latest technique to match the For For Benz keys nowadays, the world's first.It's the best machine to match the latest For For Benz keys!!!

1. powerful !!!  The calculation tool fully supports all For For Benz W serial infrared key's data generation from 1999 to 2011. support new style (NEC) electronic lock head W221,W164,W212,W204,W169. support (MOTOROLA)motorola MCU series:W220,W203,W210,W211,W209,W202,W208,W215,W230,W219 etc.


2. convenient!!! The calculation tool can generate 8 keys, just need (EIS) electronic lock head data, no need to deal with ESL(direction lock); ESM; ECU(engine computer); ECT(722.9 gearbox computer).


3.Smart!!! The calculation tool can automatically analyze (EIS) electronic lock head's type and state ;chassis models ;mileage data ; the quantity of the using key at last ; the quantity of the using key before ;the quantity of the scrapped key etc.


4.fast!!! The calculation tool generate 8 keys, just need 10 minutes. secure calculation,accurate.


5.First invention !!! The calculation tool has solved the needs to match W203,W211 models' key. such as the MCU problems to rub empty Siemens computer FLASH (29F400/29F800), and for 722.9 gearbox computer models need to travel problems of the world authorized! 


6. Safety!!! the calculation tool adopt the latest banking system encryption chip design,safe and reliable,function stable. 


Product Configuration:

1. calculation tool (1pcs)
2. USB 2.0 cable (1pcs)
3. Software CD ROM (1pcs)

Statement! ! This tool is for the automotive electronics repair device, for normal maintenance services, not for illegal activities, users must comply with local state laws and regulations! !


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